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We are APIT, the Professional Association of Tourist Information Agents in Córdoba and its province, a team with more than 50 official tour guides devoted to make your visit a unique experience.

For more than 40 years we have shown you the most iconic monuments and places in our city: the Mosque-Cathedral, Medina Azahara, the Jewish Quarter, the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs… not to mention our wide range of museums and unrivalled patios.

All our members are official tour guides certified by the Andalussian Government as well as interpreters of the Mosque-Cathedral, so rest assured our services are up to the highest standards.

Heritage interpreters What do we do?

We aim to transmit life and legacy of our monuments and museums in a truthful and accessible way, tailor-made to all the visitors who wish to enjoy our city.

As tour guides, we offer top-quality and professional visits, provide advising and accompanying for both

individuals and groups, plan tours with previously-arranged entry to all our monuments and attractions: the Mosque-Cathedral, Medina Azahara, the Jewish Quarter, Julio Romero de Torres museum, the Synagogue, the Patios, the Viana Palace… just to name a few.

We also organize guided tours focusing on the Jewish culture. In fact, APIT is certified by RASGO, the Spanish Network of Jewish Quarters.

And we speak your language! Don’t worry if you don’t know a word in Spanish. We provide our services in Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.

Our team

We are more than 50! And each one of us is eager to guide you, with kindness, proffesionalism and enthusiasm, to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

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2 years ago

Parte de nuestro equipo de Guías de Córdoba #APIT asistiendo a las Jornadas de Otoño Sefardí, organizadas por Córdoba Sefarad.

2 years ago
Origen e historia del flamenco | Guías de Córdoba

El flamenco es el arte que mejor representa lo que somos. Hablamos sobre su origen en nuestro artículo de blog 📝

El flamenco es un arte que desde el año 2010 la UNESCO lo declaró como Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad, por lo que desde entonces se considera también como un arte patrimonial que ... See more



3 days ago
¿Sabías que en el año 875, un cordobés, Abbas Ibn Firnas, intentó volar antes que el legendario Leonardo da Vinci?

🏗 El ingeniero Jose Luis Manzanares se inspiró en su figura para el diseño del sexto puente de Córdoba.

#APITCórdoba #CórdobaEspaña #Turismo #córdobaespaña

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